Ridgetop Energy Services
Investing in the Future of American Energy Independence
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Investing in the Future of American Energy Independence.

  • Who are we

    Ridgetop Energy Services is a service provider to the energy industry focusing on oil & gas, underground hydrocarbon storage, porosity storage, and solution mining.

  • What we do

    As a service provider, RES invests in exceptional people with innovative ideas. We provide real service solutions for routine and difficult problems.

  • Our investment philosophy

    RES seeks value in energy service companies with the potential to expand and become leaders in their sector and markets. We identify companies that are at their early stages of growth in markets with sustainable activity.

  • How are we different

    RES differs from similar investment models in that we take both a management role as well as a working capital interest in our investments. We believe the experience level and market connectivity of our team is exceptional and our ability to provide support and management guidance can create value to existing operations.

  • What's New

    We are currently reviewing several investment opportunities, which represent both strong cash flow potential and excellent reputation in the market with clients and employees.


Investing in the Future of American Energy Independence.


Ridgetop Energy Services invests in exceptional people with innovative ideas relentlessly focusing on building great companies.


RES advises and supports management teams to accelerate their growth plans.

Operations and news

Investing in the Future of American Energy Independence.

Service Operations

  • Cased-Hole Logging (Oil & Gas)
  • Open Hole Logging (Oil & Gas)
  • Underground Hydrocarbon storage
  • Porosity Storage
  • Solution Mining


  • Feb 2016: Successfully fracked Marcellus Shale with Minera
  • May 2016: Drilled first successfully horizontal well in the state of Iowa.
  • June 2016: Purchased ELI operations, with two locations in Kansas.
  • June 2016: Successfully performed one of the larges TCP jobs in the US.
  • Oct 2016: Completed study on one of the more polific gas fields in the Pittsburgh area. The field was then purchased in Q1 of 2017.
  • Jan 2017: RES Customer moved forward with the purchase of the field study.
  • Apr 2017: Purchased Keystone Wireline Inc. with field location in Bradford, PA. Providing open hole and cased hole services with two complete wireline units.
  • June 2017: Entered into a service agreement with Plants & Goodwin, with the focus on plug and abandonment of oil and gas wells. Agreement included Keystone acquired additional wireline equipment: two wireline units with surface and downhole equipment.
  • July 2017: RES oversaw the success of plugging several shallow vertical wells in PA.


Martin Comini


Mr. Comini has over 30+ years of energy industry experience in the service sector. He has significant expertise in creating sustainable core energy service pricing models which allow gas and oil operators to continue operations despite the swinging changes in the commodities market. Prior to joining Ridgetop, Marty started his career with Schlumberger, Ltd. Offshore. This experience led to a start-up service company, Superior Well Services, which then led to an IPO in 2006. In 2010, Superior was then sold to Nabors Drilling. During this period, Mr. Comini was the Senior Director of the Wireline Department. He brings experience in purchasing, selling, and growing organic service energy companies.

Mr. Comini is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Marty is an active member of The Society of Petroleum Engineers holding officer positions for over ten years. Additional affiliations include: the Marcellus Shale Coalition, the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association, the Pennsylvania Oil Company, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the University of Pittsburgh College of Engineering.


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